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Truth about Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning soaks the carpet and takes days to dry.
This is partially true. When carpet is cleaned improperly, or with inferior equipment, it can make the carpet too wet and also permit moisture to pass through the backing and into the pad. This can case a much longer dry time, and can also permit bacteria and mold to grow. It can also cause the primary and secondary backing on the carpet to separate causing permanent damage. If that happens, then your carpet comes apart before long.

At AZ. Quick Dry we never over soak the carpet!! By correctly pre-treating the heavy soil and spots with top of the line products, using proper equipment and trained technicians, we can remove the majority of the moisture and the carpets will typically dry in 4 to 6 hours…not 2 to 3 days!!

Spots always return after cleaning.
Spots return because they were never totally removed to begin with.

At AZ. Quick Dry we work hard to remove the spot completely so it won't return. If it does return, so do we, at no charge!!

Carpets get dirty quicker once they've been cleaned.
Carpets get dirty quicker once they are cleaned because soap residue was left behind after the cleaning, which attracts dirt.

At AZ. Quick Dry the cleaning agents are applied during the pre-treat process, and then rinsed from the carpet along with the dirt and spots. We never use soap!!

Carpet cleaners always quote one price and then charge a higher price when they get to the home.
Unfortunately, there are companies that use "bait and switch" in advertising.

At AZ. Quick Dry the price quoted is the price you will pay. We have been in business for 13 and have never used "BS" marketing and never will.

To get high quality carpet and upholstery cleaning done is very expensive.
Our prices are very reasonable. We are independently owned and operated, so there are no franchise fees to be paid.

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